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Business Conduct

Displace ESG Investing (2024 Apr)

Contempt For Customers (2023 Sep)

ESG – Leftist Investing (2023 Jan)

Get Woke, Go Broke – Perhaps (2022 Jun)

Big Tech And Censorship (2021 Oct)

Encourage Opposing Views (2021 Jan)

Fact Checkers Are Hired Thugs (2020 Dec)

Social Media Should Come Clean (2020 Oct)

Strong Encryption is Forever (2020 Jun)

In Person Meetings Must Get Better (2020 Apr)

Refusing Customers is OK (2020 Mar)

Ditch “Plus Tax And Shipping” (2020 Feb)

Facial Recognition Is Not New (2019 Jun)

Facebook Versus Freedom (2019 May)

Cutting Cable TV – It’s Personal (2018 Jun)

Paying Employees Rapidly (2018 Apr)

Let Google Be Leftist (2018 Feb)

Traveling Sales Reps Done Right (2017 Dec)

Google Pay Disparity (2017 Aug)

Amazon – Food Stamp Junkie (2017 Jul)

Reviews – Signed by Anonymous (2017 Jun)

Restaurant Surcharge, Bitter Taste (2017 Apr)

Tricky Pricing Reveals Contempt (2017 Feb)

E*TRADE Traitor Blunder (2016 Jun)

Goodbye to Restaurant Tips (2016 Apr)

Apple Defiance is Proper (2016 Mar)

In Praise of Salary Disclosure (2016 Feb)

Goodbye Cable TV Bundle (2015 Jul)

Mars Candy, Tainted Policy (2015 Jun)

Hotel Wi-Fi Charges Are Myopic (2015 Apr)

Reclining Seat Airline Blunder (2014 Oct)

OkCupid Experiments Are Mostly OK (2014 Sep)

GM: Counterfeit Free Enterprise (2013 Jul)

TurboTax Fights the Fed (2013 May)

Airlines’ Full Disclosure (2012 Feb)

Inventor Behaving Badly (2011 Jul)

Should Facebook Tout Republicans? (2011 Jun)

Protecting Sleeping Bags (2011 Jan)

Thuggery versus Wal-Mart (2010 Jul)

Who Decides Carry-on Fees? (2010 May)

Capitalism Is Not Corporatism (2009 Jun)

Are Payday Lenders Legitimate? (2008 Mar)

Stealthy Pricing (2008 Jul)

Bank of America’s Credit Card (2007 Sep)

A La Carte Cable and Politics (2007 May)

Tobacco and Sincerity (2006 Nov)

Investment Scams and Ethics (2006 Oct)

AMD, Intel, and Antitrust (2006 Sep)

Wal-Mart’s Minimum Wage Folly (2005 Nov. 2 of 2)

American Girl And Politics (2005 Nov. 1 of 2)

Making Movies “Clean” (2005 Oct)

Rational Employment Policies (2005 Mar)


Woke Is Always Wrong (2024 Jan)

Paying NYC Subway Fare (2023 Nov)

American Distrust Is Good (2023 Oct)

Fake Goods Vs Reality (2023 Aug)

Subway Vigilantism (2023 Jun)

Malicious AI? Deal With It (2023 May)

What Causes Bad Weather (2022 Nov)

Unite or Divide Americans (2022 Oct)

Masks Are Forever (2022 Mar)

Do Your Own Research? Yes (2022 Feb)

Fight Against Woke (2021 Dec)

Covid Wrecks Authority (2021 Nov)

Media Lies Help Liberty (2021 Aug)

Defeat Woke Propaganda (2021 May)

Individualism Cures Marxism (2021 Apr)

Leftists Need Double Standards (2020 Jul)

Get Past the Masks (2020 May)

Cultural Appropriation Debunked (2018 Jul)

You Are Not Your Ancestors (2015 Dec)

Unreliable Psychology Research (2015 Oct)

Outing Gun Owners (2013 Feb)

Boasting of Double Standards (2012 Apr)

Leftist Prophesy Fails (2011 Nov)

Frustrated Global Warmists (2011 Aug)

A Plea to Redistribute Wealth (2010 Dec)

Secret Global Warming Skeptics (2010 Jan)

Three Cheers for Boycotts (2009 Sep)

Prudence versus Prosperity (2009 Feb)

Investing in Evasion (2009 Jan)

None of Your Business (2008 Dec)

Legislating Bondage (2008 Aug)

Ceding Ethics to Leftists (2008 Jun)

Who Buys Counterfeit Watches? (2008 Apr)

Psychology’s Blind Spot (2008 Jan)

Prohibiting English-Only (2007 Dec)

“Income-Inequality” Problem (2007 Nov)

Time’s Call for Servitude (2007 Oct)

Military Draft Violates Rights (2007 Jan)

Responding To CSR (2006 Jun)

Murray’s New Welfare State (2006 Apr)

Giving Back To Society (2005 Jul)

Beware Of “Economic Justice” (2005 May)

Customers Are Often Wrong (2005 Apr)

Kindness And Cruelty (2005 Feb)

Economic Inequality And Justice (2005 Jan)

The Diminished Outcomes Fallacy (2004 Dec)

Stakeholder Theory – Reject It (2004 Nov)


Food Deserts And Dollar Stores (2020 Jan)

GMO Food Strikes Back (2016 Aug)

Berkeley Soda Tax Versus Autonomy (2014 Dec)

Bloomberg’s Failed Soda Ban (2013 Apr)

Biggest Food Stamp Junkies (2013 Mar)

Soda Ban Goes Too Far (2012 Jul)

Big Bang From Food Stamps (2011 Sep)

Warning Labels for Food Stamps (2011 Apr)

Poison Beverage Tax (2009 Oct)

Menus and Calories in New York (2008 May)

A Taste for Cloned-Food (2008 Feb)

Reducing Restaurant Portions (2007 Apr)

Fat In Foods (2005 Sep)


Tell Students: Think For Yourselves (2024 Jun)

Professors Can Sabotage DEI (2024 Mar)

Thriving In Leftist Universities (2024 Feb)

Regulate Universities? No! (2023 Dec)

Beware School Libraries (2023 Apr)

Inoculate Against Woke (2023 Mar)

Defeat CRT Outside Of Schools (2022 Dec)

Parents – Control The Schools (2022 Jan)

Apolitical Is Impossible (2021 Sep)

Defeat CRT, Ditch Schools (2021 Jul)

College President Vs Free Speech (2019 Oct)

Student Loan Pushers (2018 Dec)

Colleges Use, Then Deny Quotas (2018 Aug)

Student Pledge, Then Student Regret (2017 May)

ObamaCare Failure and Charter School Success Serve Freedom (2014 Apr)

Poisoning the Internship Well (2012 Jun)

College Heads Are Shocked (2012 Mar)

Leading Students to Serfdom (2011 Dec)

Leftist Ethics for MBAs (2010 Jun)

High School Trojan Horse (2010 Mar)

Toxic Business Ethics (2009 Jul)


Medicare-for-All is Doable (2019 Dec)

Foolish Rebuttal to Medicare for All (2018 Sep)

Yes To Physician Ratings (2016 Sep)

Professor Gruber and the Leftist Elite (2015 Jan)

ObamaCare Failure and Charter School Success Serve Freedom (2014 Apr)

ObamaCare Is Coercion, Period (2013 Dec)

Legalizing Foreign Drugs (2013 Nov)

Addicted to ObamaCare (2013 Aug)

Medical Conflicts of Interest are Double-Edged (2013 Jun)

Psychology Fights Obesity (2012 Nov)

Medical Shortage Crisis (2012 Aug)

Republican Revulsion to ObamaCare (2010 Apr)

Health Care Across State Lines (2009 Dec)

Premium ObamaCare (2009 Aug)

Merck, Gardasil and Coercion (2007 Mar)

Drugs from Canada (2006 Aug)

Birth-Control Pills and Rights (2006 Feb)

DTC Drug Advertising (2005 Jun)

Is Pharma-Sponsored Research Tainted? (2004 Oct)


The End Of Comity (2024 Jul)

NYC Stupid Pot Laws (2024 May)

Ban TikTok? Reconsider (2023 Jul)

Reparations Will Work (2023 Feb)

Do Leftists Hate The Constitution? (2022 Sep)

Don’t Conscript Women (2022 Aug)

Inflation Kills Brand Loyalty (2022 Jul)

Forced Voting Is Tyranny (2022 May)

Inflation Taints Relationships (2022 Apr)

Making Fact Checkers Worse (2021 Jun)

Wishing For A Wealth Tax (2021 Mar)

Equality Or Equity – Not Both (2021 Feb)

Political Polls Are Finished (2020 Nov)

New York Pols Ruin Dining (2020 Sep)

Free Market Fixes Mobile Privacy (2020 Aug)

Leftists Aim to Own Your Life (2019 Nov)

Government Attacks Social Media (2019 Sep)

Wealth Inequality Focus is Toxic (2019 Aug)

Professor Advocates Grand Theft (2019 Jul)

Justice or Social Justice, Not Both (2019 Apr)

Taxing The Rich Is Leftist Virtue (2019 Mar)

Corrupt Campaign Financing (2019 Feb)

Leftists Against Science (2019 Jan)

The Left is Inherently Coercive (2018 Nov)

California’s Corporate Assault (2018 Oct)

Do Not Regulate Facebook (2018 May)

Paying for Child Care (2018 Mar)

Millennials Choose Socialism (2018 Jan)

Leftist Attack on Successful Leftists (2017 Nov)

Malignant Goals of the Left (2017 Oct)

Mistaking Speech For Violence (2017 Sep)

Boycotts Clarify Issues (2017 Mar)

The Upside of Fake News (2017 Jan)

Election Polls Won’t Improve (2016 Dec)

Hands Off Payday Lenders (2016 Nov)

Save the $100 Bill (2016 Oct)

Guaranteed Income, Reap Disaster (2016 Jul)

Government IRA – Frying Pan to Fire (2016 May)

When Animosity Is Expected (2016 Jan)

Government Doesn’t Own You (2015 Nov)

Odious Pay Ratio Disclosure Law (2015 Sep)

Damaging Effects of Overtime Rules (2015 Aug)

Beware Of Commercial-Free Childhood ( 2015 May)

Start-Up NY – The Wrong Way (2015 Mar)

Minimum Wage Laws Versus Freedom (2015 Feb)

Amazon and Coercive Force (2014 Nov)

Piketty’s Flawed Premises (2014 Aug)

Polarized America is Good (2014 Jul)

Smartphone Kill Switch Threatens Liberty (2014 May)

ObamaCare Failure and Charter School Success Serve Freedom (2014 Apr)

AEI Embraces Social Justice (2014 Mar)

Republicans Surrender to War on Poverty (2014 Feb)

Obama’s Income Inequality Gambit (2014 Jan)

Addressing Mainstream Media Bias (2013 Sep)

Playing by the Same Rules (2012 Dec)

Uninterested Decide Election (2012 Oct)

Election Will Increase Divisiveness (2012 Sep)

Republicans’ Half A Loaf (2012 Jan)

Republicans and Negative Income Tax (2011 Mar)

Fully Private Social Security (2010 Sep)

Fixing the Republican Party (2009 Apr)

Cynical Tax Proposal (2008 Sep)

The DTV Converter Box (2007 Jul)

Senator Webb and Envy (2007 Feb)

The Minimum Wage Drama (2006 Dec)

Demagogues and Gasoline (2006 May)

Representative Frank’s Deal (2006 Mar)

Public Policy

Mugshot Shakedown (2014 Jun)

Responding to Government Nudges (2013 Oct)

Bloomberg’s Failed Soda Ban (2013 Apr)

Spreading Tax Misery (2013 Jan)

Buffet Rule Persists (2012 May)

IRS Bounty Hunters (2011 Oct)

Business-Friendly Is Not Enough (2011 Feb)

Wealthy Leftists and Taxes (2010 Nov)

Tax the Rich Less (2010 Oct)

Welfare Breeds Animosity (2010 Aug)

Government Is The Referee (2010 Feb)

Government-Dictated Pay (2009 Nov)

State-Sponsored Docility (2009 May)

The Spider, the Fly, the Bail-Out (2009 Mar)

An Ocean of Bail-Outs (2008 Nov)

Government-Caused Calamity (2008 Oct)

Meddling with Wireless Service (2007 Aug)

Immigrants and Welfare (2007 Jun)

Net Neutrality Exposed (2006 Jul)

Food, Children, and the IOM (2006 Jan)

Exorbitant Oil Profits (2005 Dec)

Eminent Domain And Ethics (2005 Aug)

Welfare State

Biggest Food Stamp Junkies (2013 Mar)

Dismantling the Welfare State (2011 May)

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