What Causes Bad Weather (2022 Nov)

by Barry A. Liebling

There always was and always will be bad weather. Sometimes it is too hot; sometimes it is too cold; sometimes storms are destructive; excess rain can be harmful; and a lack of rain can lead to a dangerous drought.

What can be done to mitigate bad weather? Humans have developed technological methods to survive and flourish in even the harshest of natural events. We wear clothing, heat and cool our homes, build structures that are resistant to storms, accurately predict short-term weather. We are ingenious at coping with whatever the world throws at us.

What causes bad weather? The correct default answer is nature. Long before the existence of humans the world has undergone many major shifts in climate and weather. Are meteorological events more severe in recent years than ever before? Members of the leftist cultural ruling class vociferously shout “Yes, and you should panic.” News releases scream that each year is the hottest year ever – in some part of the world. Every recent hurricane or cyclone is claimed to be more severe than anything that has been experienced in the past.

And there are citizens (not members of the woke cabal), including well-qualified, serious climate scientists, that argue against the alarmist ravings of the leftist mob. Their interpretation of the available information is that the ever-changing climate is not worse than it used to be. The evidence does not support the claim that human industrialization and energy production is ruining the earth. https://michaelshellenberger.substack.com/p/media-lying-about-climate-and-hurricanes

Suppose someone knows nothing about the science of climate, but notices that two factions (alarmists versus realists) are bitter adversaries. What can be deduced from how they conduct their quarrel? The realists say, “Let’s discuss the issues. Let’s scrutinize the data and arguments. Let’s debate openly so that everything can be observed by those who are interested.” The alarmists say, “The science is already settled. There is nothing to discuss except how you should comply with our demands. Doubting the conclusions and directives of the anointed experts is unacceptable. If you do not support us, shut up.”

Note well, science is never settled. Every topic is fair game for anyone who wants to question the assertions of “experts.” The side that insists contrary views should not be permitted is displaying an authoritarian disposition that is incompatible with science.

The leftist cultural ruling class has a ritual. Whenever there is bad weather it is “proof” that human-caused climate change is responsible. Experience an uncomfortable heat wave? That validates anthropogenic climate change, and we better act quickly to de-industrialize. If the weather is unpleasantly cold, that is also climate change due to human meddling with nature. Every weather catastrophe is a reminder that civilized people have to give up the fruits of productivity, or humanity will perish.

And there is more to the ritual. Every bad weather event can be blamed on “climate deniers” – people who do not buy into the leftist version of events. Incidently, nearly everyone understands that the climate is perpetually changing. The essential issue is how much of the change is due to human activity and to what extent it is harmful.

So according to the leftist ruling class is any change in the weather just natural, not the result of human mischief? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Sometimes we experience good weather. People who live in cold geographical areas occasionally have a mild winter. There are fortuitous instances where people do not suffer hardship and do not freeze. If you sincerely believe that human industrial activity is causing warming should you conclude that in these cases the effect is beneficial? Never! The Church of Woke asserts that humans can do no good to the environment. All human-caused changes in weather are pernicious.

Consider another example. When there is a drought and crops are damaged the alarmists insist that it is due to anthropogenic climate change. But when the drought is relieved by a good rainy season, humans get no credit. It is a natural, lucky fluke. Industrial activity can only lead to negative consequences. Yes, bad floods are caused by humans, but a desired increase in rain happens on its own.

Let’s review the woke catechism regarding weather. Who should be blamed for meteorological disasters? People who dare to defy or doubt the climate alarmists. Who should be praised when the weather is pleasant? Nobody, humans can only affect the environment malignantly.

What causes bad weather? Your response depends largely on your political affiliation. The correct answer can be deduced by studying the evidence and supporting arguments.

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